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historyVirom International is a Romanian company, founded in 1998, specialized in building reinforced concrete structures for large scale projects.

Having over 15 years experience in German constructions market, Mr. Dorian Radu, the founder and President of Virom International, along with "the core" of the company – 30 romanian constructors, highly professional, extremely well trained – brought in Romania, the german rigor, determination and willing to make things at the highest quality.

Virom gained over the years an enviable reputation in the construction market in Romania, is known as a problem - solver for which no engineering challenge is too daunting.

We have developed a solid reputation for quality workmanship and timely construction.

The reputation that Virom is enjoying is neither accidental nor due to favorable circumstances, but for the seriousness with which the construction team approaches each project and "obsession" for work well done.

Virom Group
peopleBeginning with 2011, Virom's most important medium and long term strategy became orienting towards foreign markets such as Poland, Germany, Hungary or the Baltic States.

Starting with March 1st 2011, Virom's Polish division, Virom Polska, is fully operational with permanent headquarters in Warsaw Towers Building, 39 Sienna street, Warsaw, Poland

Virom International German subsidiary is operational from the 15 March 2011 and is headquartered Kossatenweg Street 1, 38871 Ilsenburg (Harz) Darlingerode OT.

  • Row Structure
  • Turn-key projects
  • Build & Design Concept
  • Design & Engineering
  • Technical consultancy
  • Marketing research

Virom provides full-service solutions that fully recognize schedule and cost constraints. This commitment to quality has helped establish Virom as one of the Romania's leading builders and managers of large and complex projects.